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Does your website need an SSL certificate?

Posted on September 5, 2017

by mike_v

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Important changes have been made to web browsers in terms of how they deal with websites loaded over HTTP, or websites without an SSL certificate. This is leaving many website owners wondering “How do I get an SSL certificate?”.

Firstly, what is an SSL certficate? An SSL certificate encrypts data a user inputs into your websites so that it can securely travel from their browser to your web server. Credit cards and passwords are two of the most notable types of sensitive data that need an SSL certificate. Google has taken the stance that ALL data submitted on your website should be secured with an SSL certificate. You can easily find whether your website has an SSL certificate by whether the URL of the site starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If it’s loaded in your browser with HTTPS at the start, then you have an SSL on your website.

Over the course of the last few years, the web has slowly inched closer to a fully encrypted browsing experience with the use of SSL. You have probably noticed the “Not Secure” label in the location bar of most web browsers today.

Website SSL

This notice usually appears when attempting to log into a site not encrypted with SSL.

All Wooza hosted websites now come with SSL certificates at no charge to our clients.

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